• Art Director: Brian Keenan
  • Design Director: Anna Yoon
  • Designer: Austin Eustice
  • Editor/Animator: Taseal Cho
  • Editor/Animator: Justin James
  • Photo Manager: Irene Yoo
  • Visual Engineer: Steve Giralt


For the return of Iron Chef to Food Network, we wanted to highlight the technical expertise needed to become an Iron Chef. We focused on 2 recipes from the show, and amplified show clips by shooting custom stylized slow-motion footage with the Phantom camera and a whole lot of visual engineering tricks. We broke down each recipe into visual moments that could be explored artistically, and allowed the pieces to flow seamlessly into the clips.

Selected Works


Buddy vs DuffKey Art

BBQ BlitzLogo




Fave ItLogo



Halloween Wars RecipesRecipe Videos

Spider Surprise CakeRecipe Video

Iron Chef RecipesRecipe Videos

Food Network HolidayNetwork Packaging

Zoetrope CakeRecipe Video

Coconut Fire and IceRecipe Video

A New Way to NoodleRecipe Video

Mummy Cream HornsRecipe Video

Pulled Pork ArepasRecipe Video

Jalapeno Danger DogRecipe Video

Penguin PartyRecipe Video

Chopped JrKey Art

Big Game BitesRecipe Video

ChoppedKey Art

Cake WarsKey Art

Food Network RebrandNetwork Identity

My Little Pony: Puzzle PartyAcquisition Video

DragonVale WorldAcquisition Video

Monopoly TownsAcquistion Video