• Art Director: Brian Keenan
  • Design Director: Anna Yoon
  • Designer: Austin Eustice
  • Designer/Animator: Michael Blank
  • Editor/Animator: Kiet Thai
  • Photo Manager: Irene Yoo
  • Photographer: Marshall Troy
  • Food Stylist: Nicole Twohy


Kids Baking Championship returned on Jan 1st, so we wanted to create videos that would feel seasonally connected to winter, and feature kids creating the recipes. We created 2 types of videos, an extremely ambitious and artistic spinning zoetrope cake, and an approachable series of home baking decorating tips. The Zoetrope Cake features a snowman being built, which animates when spun at exactly the right speed based on the camera’s frame rate. Our team created the design and rig from scratch, doing all the R&D to make the animation work perfectly.

Selected Works


Buddy vs DuffKey Art

BBQ BlitzLogo




Fave ItLogo



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Spider Surprise CakeRecipe Video

Iron Chef RecipesRecipe Videos

Food Network HolidayNetwork Packaging

Zoetrope CakeRecipe Video

Coconut Fire and IceRecipe Video

A New Way to NoodleRecipe Video

Mummy Cream HornsRecipe Video

Pulled Pork ArepasRecipe Video

Jalapeno Danger DogRecipe Video

Penguin PartyRecipe Video

Chopped JrKey Art

Big Game BitesRecipe Video

ChoppedKey Art

Cake WarsKey Art

Food Network RebrandNetwork Identity

My Little Pony: Puzzle PartyAcquisition Video

DragonVale WorldAcquisition Video

Monopoly TownsAcquistion Video